Buying properties in Istanbul is one of the most profitable investments in Turkey.

When the city is so popular since the ages that it has been the capital of the Byzantine empire in the past and has been the capital of the ottoman empire in the past. The city where Europe and Asia meet.

The city connects the world through the sea. The city with the largest population in the Europe of more than 15 million people, and increasing.

The greatness of the city forced people to choose and live here. The city has the most sky scrapper in Europe but also has the monuments of history preserved.

One of the most visited cities by tourists that is the reason Istanbul brings the most business compared to all over Turkey and much more.

We won’t have to do much convincing once you realize how spectacular Istanbul is. Among many other reasons, these are the fundamental reasons. Because of this people choose Istanbul to make their ultimate destination. The following are more unique and attractive parts of buying properties in Istanbul.

Buying properties in Istanbul
Buying properties in Istanbul

Public Transportation in Istanbul 

You might think that what is the connection between buying properties in Istanbul and transportation? Well, there is a huge role played by public transportation in people choosing the property.

Mostly parents are the ones who are buying the property. And the first thought that is coming to their mind that how their children who are students can reach their college or universities. As a father, I can feel how important transportation is.

Transportation has a huge role in the safety of my children. Where they conveniently reach the public bus or train, there should be a very short distance between my home and public transportation.

It has an enormous advantage to attract these kinds of parents for buying properties in Istanbul. Because the transportation system here is fantastic. First of all, you have Istanbul’s different types of modes of transportation. That is Train, Tramway, Metro, Metro Bus, Local bus dolmas, and the list goes on. Not only this public transportation covers almost all of Istanbul. There is access everywhere whether it is on the main highway or inside the city.

Thus, easy access and available public transportation are the important reason people tend to invest in Istanbul.

Affordable Istanbul

This is one of the most attractive parts where it comes into effect when you settle down in the city. One likes to live affordably but at the same time luxury.

Istanbul is the city that gives you affordable luxury. I cannot afford Singapore, Dubai, and New York but yes I can afford Istanbul with my wife and 3 children. You see how easy is to choose Istanbul! Because you can afford health care, Education, Electricity bills, and daily groceries. and your monthly expense would not exceed 1200 USD.

Thus Affordable luxury also becomes the reason for people buying properties in Istanbul. And make Istanbul their retirement plan.

Buying properties in Istanbul
Buying properties in Istanbul

Modern and green lifestyle in Istanbul 

Turkey is one of the nations with plenty of greenery and huge fields. But at the same time, with 48 skyscrapers, Istanbul has the most skyscrapers in Europe making it a dream for many people to live in a place where nature and contemporary infrastructure coexist. People are drawn to nations like this one where nature and cutting-edge infrastructure coexist.

Learn more about our project in Gaziosmanpasa: Cheap Apartments to Buy Near the Center of Istanbul.

Istanbul has incredible food.

It is well known that many visitors to Istanbul come mostly to eat, and we can’t blame them. Turkish cuisine has roots in the Ottoman era and draws heavily on the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Balkan influences.

Whether you prefer savory or sweet meals and snacks, hearty breakfasts, or gorgeously smelling streets, this means an explosion of complementary sensations on every bite.

As filo dough is a common food, vegetarian options are simple to locate. Filo dough is typically packed with cheese or veggies. Reward yourself with a wonderful supper at a classy restaurant. Let’s go over some of the specialties you must sample, from sweets and pastries to distinctive street food.

Advantages of buying properties in Istanbul: 

There are many benefits to choosing to purchase real estate in Istanbul. And this is what motivates foreign buyers and investors to pick Istanbul over other Turkish cities.

You can see it in its entirety below since it will be highlighted in more depth.

1. Large real estate diversity:

You have probably heard about Istanbul’s huge real estate diversity. Where you must locate solutions that meet your needs both specs and pricing.

The apartments of residential complexes that distinguished by luxury, sophistication, and modern designs. As well as provided with many essential services and recreational facilities that help to get a different life than usual. These are among the most significant options that are in high demand in that city.

2. Real estate investment success:

If you choose to invest in real estate in Istanbul then you have decided to achieve success and large abundant profits. All signs point to Istanbul as a favorable location for starting a business in this industry. And investors and past businessmen’s experiences support this.

You can apply for Turkish citizenship. One of the most significant and influential nationalities in the world, when you buy a house in Istanbul for at least $400,000. Additionally, you must own the property for at least three years before you can sell it. During this time, however, you are still allowed to rent it out to earn huge returns all year long. Particularly during the tourist seasons when demand for real estate soars. As a result, you won’t find your property vacant during these times.

3. International Universities: 

Did you know that the city of Istanbul is home to some of the world’s most significant and well-known public and private universities?

Thanks to the efforts of those in charge, it was able to compete in the international arena and has since attained a significant and advanced rank. Because these colleges award their bearers degrees that are worldwide recognized. Particularly by the European Union countries, and students from all over the world. Especially Arabs and an increasing amount of students from Asia come to enroll in them.

4. Many significant facilities: 

Unlike the situation in European countries where many obstacles force the investor to reconsider their decision to purchase their land. The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities and incentives that help foreigners choose Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular.

The ability to obtain a real estate residence permit, which is regarded as one of the most significant and best types of residence in Turkey overall due to the ease of obtaining it on the one hand and the ability to renew it annually on the other, is one of the most significant benefits provided by Turkey to foreigners.

5. Rental Returns: 

Istanbul offers a comfy atmosphere for global retirees, students, business people, investors, and almost everyone. As a result, Istanbul is the 8th Most Popular City in the world, and the real estate market in Istanbul gains 8% to 13% annually.

Foreign investors buy property in Istanbul for real estate investment and promise rental income. Therefore, foreign investors who visit the city often prefer to buy a property in Istanbul. Our website has an excellent variety of property options [link]. Some are smart homes, flats, studios, duplexes, apartments, and villas.

Buying properties in Istanbul
Buying properties in Istanbul

How we offer you the best property in Istanbul:

We are proud of our long experience in the Istanbul real estate market. As a result, we can offer the most stunning commercial and residential properties for sale in Istanbul. We have a vast portfolio and passionate real estate agents of experts looking forward to helping you with your search for a property in Istanbul.

we have hundreds of properties in Istanbul’s real estate market on our up-to-date website [link]. Our real estate agents check all portfolios before uploading them to the site. Most of our properties are newly built. We want our clients to move into their ideal houses without needing renovation.

Rise in Istanbul Real Estate Market:

Istanbul’s Real Estate Market has been snowballing. Istanbul is the financial center of the country. With more people moving into this charming city, property values will continue to increase in the coming years since Istanbul is a popular location for investors.


If investors want to sell their property, we help them too. we also give you a great deal of comfort even after completing the sales and getting your procedures done. They follow up on the whole property purchasing process for our buyers. Even after that, we keep in touch to guide them when they need us.

Conclusion (Buying properties in Istanbul)

Buying a property in Istanbul is ideal as the city offers very reasonable prices, especially for foreign buyers. Our team is ready to help you to buy properties in Istanbul.

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