Where To Invest?

This is one of the frequently asked questions from the buyers where to invest? Is it in the Europe part of Istanbul or the Asian part of Istanbul the answer to this question is all depending upon your taste of choice, Istanbul’s Asian side has its advantages and the European side has its own advantages, but there are many investors who think that European side is much better but in fact, it’s not true in all, and there is a silly way of thinking that European side is more European so, therefore, more developed and open while Asian side is more conservative because its Asian, First of all, either its Asia or Europe, in the end, its ‘ISTANBUL’  and there is no difference what so ever as both parts of Istanbul has projects which is amazing for living and ideal for investments.

Where To Invest?
Where To Invest?

Why do People think more highly of Europe than Asia?

The following are simple reasons

1. Mainly all tourist destinations are in the Europe part of Istanbul such as Hagia Sofia, Taksim Square, etc., and when any person plan to invest in a property they start by traveling as a tourist and then decide to buy, so, therefore, the information they receive and places they first visit is in Europe, so naturally, they incline to buy in European side more.

2. The main airports have been always on the European side of İstanbul either it’s Old Ataturk Airport in Atakoy or Istanbul Airport in Arnavutkoy   
3. Since tourism more have been on the European side of Istanbul in result in the promotion of real estate started and have been more on Europe side of Istanbul, with that the real estate businesses promoted properties on the European side and attracted and convinced clients on the European side of Istanbul as it was already easy because foreigners have the idea of the European part of Istanbul  being European hence more modern, etc as it’s discussed above

Advantages of the European Side of Istanbul :

Where To Invest?
Where To Invest? European Side of Istanbul

Arab investors and people who love historical places and want to be beside them are more likely to choose the European part of Istanbul, why Arab investors because they feel at home in the European side still being in Istanbul, as there are more Arabic restaurants, there are rich Arab communities who help, support and advice each other, and always there is some relative of our Arabic customer already living in the European side of Istanbul which encourages the customer to buy around their relative as culturally they feel more secure in a foreign country by being near to the person they know, so even though we do a property tour in Asia and despite them like Asia generally more, they still end up buying in the European side? On the other hand historical places, lovers will choose the European side because all the main historical destinations and monuments are on the European side.

Advantages of the Asian Side of Istanbul:

Where To Invest?
Where To Invest? The Asian side of Istanbul

The Asian side of Istanbul has more greenery and nature to it, and high-rise projects are more in quantity compared to the low-rise buildings or villas, the standard of living is higher in many districts in the Asian part of İstanbul compared to the European side of İstanbul, Its more modern in terms of fracture because it was part of expanded İstanbul generally.

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