Important Real Estate Articles

Important Real Estate Articles to help invest safely in Turkey and provide you with strong knowledge about the real estate market.

Affordable Housing in Turkey

Affordable Housing in Turkey: Finding a Dream Home on a Budget

Finding Affordable Housing in Turkey becomes easy because you have a lot of opportunities. Read this article to know more..

Title deed in Turkey

Properties Title Deed in Turkey

Properties title deed in Turkey (Tapu) officially establishes ownership of the property, recognized by the official Turkish government agencies.

Helpfu Guide for Investment in Istanbul

Is Istanbul Investment-Worthy? Helpful Guide

Your helpful guide to investment in Istanbul. Istanbul has a long history of being one of the most fortified and challenging cities to conquer.

Top 10 Areas to live in Istanbul

Top 10 Areas to Live in Istanbul

Top 10 Areas to live in Istanbul and what type of property to buy in Istanbul based on the standard of living scaled and measured by Authorities.

Buying Property in Istanbul

Buying properties in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the best Investment cities in the world! this is what motivates foreign buyers and investors to purchase properties in Istanbul.

Real Estate Tours in Istanbul

Real Estate Tours in Istanbul

The real estate tour is a process in which the customer is looking at or witnessing one or many properties
either virtually or physically

Houses For Sale in Istanbul

Houses for Sale in Istanbul

Are you interested in purchasing a house in Istanbul? In this article, We hold the most extensive house portfolios on the European and Asian sides.

Commercial property in Istanbul

Commercial Property in Istanbul

Commercial property in Istanbul attracts investors because of its stable rent income and capital growth


Property Purchasing Process in Turkey

The property purchasing process in Turkey and what you should be aware of. Follow the steps in this article


Where To Invest? In the European Or Asian Part Of Istanbul?

This is one of the frequently asked questions from the buyers that Where To Invest?, Is it in the Europe part of Istanbul or the Asian part of Istanbul.

Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul

Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul, villas here are still affordable, but in the very short, no villa will be worth less than a million USD in Beykoz


Land Investment in Istanbul

Land investment in Istanbul is arguably the easiest way to bring you a fortune; if you have the right investment decision at the right time

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