Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul, This district is in the Asian side of Istanbul, just a few minutes away from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bosphorus bridge which is filled with dense forest and a view of the beautiful black sea. Nature is what makes it unique, and the villa project located in this area makes it more special. With plenty of remaining greenery, the neighborhood is regarded as one of Istanbul’s most lovely and tranquil areas. Away from the city’s crowds and commotion. There are other historical sites in Beykoz, including Anatolian Fortress and Hdiv Pavilion.

Facilities in Beykoz:

The Beykoz area is home to various academic institutes. These institutes are frequently referred to as colleges, hospitals, or clinics. Fortunately, the Beykoz neighborhood is extremely well-off in this regard, and some of Istanbul’s best and most advanced medical facilities are situated there. Following is the list of facilities the Beykoz district has to offer.

Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul
Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul


The two universities located in the Beykoz district are as follows:

  • Beykoz University
  • Turkish-German University


  • The colleges and top schools in the Beykoz district are also listed below:
  • Tabiat college (private)
  • Ted College (private)
  • Bilfen College (private)
  • Movefekiat School (private)

Shopping centers:

  • Capitol shopping center
  • Mavizadeh Shopping Center
  • Boğaziçi Plaza shopping center


The hospitals and treatment centers of the Beykoz district are as follows:

  • Beykoz State Hospital
  • Beykoz Medical Center (Private)
  • Medistate Kavacık Hospital (Private)
  • Special Otağtepe Medical Center
  • Beykoz Oral and Dental Health Center
Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul
Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul

Beykoz From the Essence of Past to Beauty of Present:

The area behind Beykoz was open country and woodland during the Ottoman era, and the Sultans and their court used it for hunting and as a getaway from the city. The hunting lodge represents this era at Küçüksu and the mosques and fountains that adorn the coastal communities. At this time, the name Beykoz was adopted, and it appears to be a combination of the Persian words Koz, which means town, and Bey, which means prince, lord, or gentleman, and when one visits the area it the nature and the quality of the location clearly describe the name.

The Beykoz district’s architecture is yet another distinctive aspect besides its natural beauty. Generally speaking, we have always been told that Istanbul’s Asian neighborhood has a more traditional layout and that this is where the core of Turkish society and culture can be observed most clearly. Beykoz district backs up this assertion. The Beykoz district has both upscale and modern areas, and traditional urban ones are one of its distinguishing qualities.

Why Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul:

Istanbul is the best city in Turkey and its cultural and historical capital. The city offers a very high standard of living comparable to European cities. Purchasing a home in Turkey, particularly in this city, might give you residency there and mark the start of a new life. Istanbul’s Beykoz is one of the most significant neighborhoods in this enormous city.

In other words, it is the best district in Istanbul overall. Even many city residents agree that the Beykoz neighborhood is among the nicest areas to live and reside in. Everyone seeking permanent residence in Turkey wants peace, and a better quality of life, in addition to green areas and fresh air. As a result, the area offers everything you want in a new life.

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Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul
Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul

Property Prices in Beykoz and Future Demand:

Buy a Villa in Beykoz Istanbul here is still affordable ranging from 600.000 USD and above, but in a brief period, no villa will be worth less than a million USD in Beykoz because of the speed in which it’s increasing demand. In no time, once the construction permission is given in many areas of Beykoz, the developers and construction companies will jump to build projects here; therefore, the properties supply will increase, the demand will kick in more, and the area will have more buyers for it which will eventually increase the prices. So don’t hesitate to write us to get fantastic offers from Beykoz real estate if your interest is buying villas.

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