The property purchasing process in Turkey and what you should be aware of.

The following are the steps:

1. Your preferred list of Options and our thorough recommendation:

Property Purchasing Process in Turkey
Property Purchasing Process in Turkey

This is the first step of property purchase where Option One asks you a number of questions that are very important before buying the property to make the best out of your preferred list and our recommendations.

Option One property guides you through all the process of property purchasing step by step, and also continues to provide more services such as legal services and after-sales services. We communicate with you at every step and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole journey of choosing your home.

  • What is your purpose for buying the property? 
  • How many members are you in the family?
  • How frequently do you have guests at your home or from abroad?
  • Are you planning to live in it or is it purely for investment?

    The answer to these questions decides how we look for the best option for you to find your dream home, which falls under your criteria.

2. Property Viewing Tour:

After listing the best options, we move towards the second step where we take you on the tour of the property, either an online virtual tour where you might want to take a decision online without traveling to Turkey or at the time of your presence in Turkey; we visit you with the best options we list.

We are with you:

  • From Airport to Property 
  • From Airport to Purchase it 
  • From Airport to Airport 

3. Booking the apartment and Signing the Sales Purchase Agreement:

Property Purchasing Process in Turkey
Property Purchasing Process in Turkey

After we make sure that the property has:

The same amount of expertise value as being sold for.

Property is debt free (because the property with the debt from the bank is saleable)

Right terms and conditions are offered in the Agreement

Now you find your dream home so now what?  

  • We negotiate until we push the price down which is part of our main service to get you the best deal 
  • Then we move towards the paying booking amount which is generally 1% and sometimes 2% of the value of the property depending upon the developer or property owner 
  • The booking amount is valid for 14 days which means that after 14 days the developer has the right to keep the amount of the booking and before 14 days the customer has the right to get a refund of the deposit in case of change plans

Further, we move towards the signing agreement: 

  • We ensure that the contract is always fair and in favor of the customer, specifically when the property is under construction
  • We make sure that the agreement mentions the right of the customer if the apartment is delayed; therefore, the customer must be paid the penalty 
  • Normally the rule is that customer pays the down payment within 14 days but if he/she plans to delay because of arranging the money then we make sure the date of payment is mentioned in the contract which will secure customer rights
  • Create easiness in the payment plans and more details likewise.

4. After Signing Agreement Transfer, Title Deed, and Citizenship:

Property Purchasing Process in Turkey
Property Purchasing Process in Turkey

Since you sign the agreement there are the following steps to do:

  • There are some legal procedures in which a tax number is required, so we will acquire it online
  • For transfer money, we will open a bank account for you in Turkey, for the documents required are the passport copy, Tax number, and utility bills from the country you reside in.
  • Turkey requires an appraisal report for every sale of real estate to a foreign buyer in order to verify the property’s true value. For a precise and secure assessment, we collaborate with appraisers who have received state approval.
  • For applying title deed, electricity, gas, water, and other activities the POA can be given to a lawyer to proceed on your behalf if you are not available.

After getting the title deed, the purchase process ends; please click the following link if you want to proceed to learn about the Turkish Citizenship process.

Conclusion (Property Purchasing Process in Turkey)

That was the ultimate step-by-step guide for Property Purchasing Process in Turkey.

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