What are real estate tours in Istanbul? 

Real estate tours in Istanbul are a process in which the customer looks at or witnesses one or many properties. As per their preferences, either virtually or physically.

There are two types of property tour 

From the moment you land in Istanbul. A professional real estate consultant from Option One Property will welcome you from the airport. Per planned program that was agreed upon with you before your arrival will take you around Istanbul’s districts, neighborhoods, projects, and housing complexes.

  1. Physical Real Estate Tour: 

To give you a better understanding of what you are going to buy and what will be around the property you will buy. A detailed tour which will make you comfortable to deal with us. Option One takes utmost care of you. Making sure that your priorities and preferences while traveling are taken care of. 

  1. Virtual Real Estate Tour: 

Virtual property tour turns imagination into reality, where property tour is detailed and explained online through video call. Which can be from any customer-preferred application.

In case a client cannot travel for any reason whatsoever. We can do an online detailed tour showing you the routes, properties, and neighborhoods. As if you are traveling with us and if you decide to buy online then through POA you can buy the property in your name. 

Should You Do Real Estate Tours?

Real Estate Tours in Istanbul
Real Estate Tours in Istanbul

Yes Definitely! because An eyewitness is better than hearsay! It is very important to do a real estate tour. So you can know what are you buying.

People who have invested a lot tend to do the mistake of not doing a property tour before buying the property. Thinking property investment is like a crypto investment. As a professional Realtor, I will never advise my client to do this mistake.

Real estate in Turkey is an investment that can bring you a fortune if invested wisely, therefore it should investigate thoroughly. If not done wisely then it can fraud you too by a quotation of the wrong price or not realizing the size of the property just in number or the layouts etc

Our consulting team will create a daily plan for you while you are in Istanbul. That will include visits to the most significant European and Asian real estate developments in Istanbul. As well as other nearby cities and the surrounding territories.

Until you locate the ideal real estate project for you. You will view and check apartments, stores, villas, and other real estate projects. The client weighs the characteristics of the property and the project that he views during the real estate tour. Learning for himself about its specifications in terms of the quality of construction, cladding, and good location. If the client is completely persuaded by real estate, we work to obtain the best offers and discounts that satisfy him. 

How Does The Real Estate Tour Work? 

The start of the Istanbul real estate tour:

The customer is met at the airport and driven to the hotel as part of this service. He then has the choice of going on a tour of one of the projects immediately or delaying it until the next day so he can rest. After scheduling a time in advance.

One of our real estate advisers will pick you up the following day from your hotel, home, or wherever else you like. Including Taksim Square or any other location in Istanbul.

We will take our esteemed clients on a tour of the most significant real estate developments. Properties that have already been chosen based on the specifications that we have previously provided by the client.

Luxury Comfort and Delicious Restaurants:  

We make sure that you travel in the air-conditioned luxury brand-new car where you feel the utmost comfort and enjoy traveling. 

During the inspection of the apartment and viewing the real estate developments, we make sure that your health is taken care of.

By suggesting to you one of the best kebab, Steak, and Turkish Cusine Restaurants in Istanbul. Not even Turkish food but many hidden gems are not popular food but taste amazing that we know about in Istanbul.

Get an idea of the areas of Istanbul

Real Estate Tours in Istanbul
Real Estate Tours in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe. This huge city cannot be comprised or explained in a few words. But as a local person who is living in Istanbul, I can give you a very brief guide to areas in Istanbul.

In Istanbul, some districts are rated as the best to normal in quality living standards. Generally, Istanbul is a safe place for buying properties. But yes, there are neighborhoods which are having low living quality environments. And some have rich neighborhoods and thus high-quality living standards. So let’s start from the center of Istanbul and then go down to the outskirts district.

Istanbul is divided into 2 main parts. Bosphorus divides them into one part in Europe and the other part in Asia.

Europe Istanbul has its center areas like Besiktas, Levent, Maslak, Sisli, Etiler, Bebek, and Ortakoy. And then you further go down the road parting away from Europe center and going towards outskirts of Istanbul Europe. Where you will find districts Basaksehir, Atakoy, Bachelieveler, Basin Express, and Halkali. Which are districts near the center from 15km to 25 km away.

Then further down the road, you go towards the outskirts of Istanbul like Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, and Buyukcekmece. Which are about 45 to 60 km from the center.

If you are interested in learning about Beylikduzu, read this article: Beylikduzu District in Istanbul.

In the Asian side of Istanbul, the center districts are opposite the Europe central districts which are Uskudar, and Atasehir. Then further there are districts near the center of Asia such as Fikirtepe. And then the outskirts of the Asian side which are Kartal, Maltepe, SultanBeyli, Pendik, etc. 

Why do you want to buy an apartment in this city?

Real Estate Tours in Istanbul
Real Estate Tours in Istanbul

Istanbul is known as the city of minarets and has over 15 million people living here. Istanbul offers you a unique apartment suitable for housing and stable for the beginning of your dreams in one big city. Where there is an opportunity to overcome challenges.

Istanbul statistically is the most demanded city in Turkey. Not only that but it has the most house sales record consistent year after year.

The city has an enormous advantage from many perspectives as has been discussed in other Istanbul articles. Istanbul because of its strategic location and being a bridge between Europe and Asia has attracted already many investments.

Many Business hubs are located here. And the Infrastructure that Istanbul has is nowhere to be seen in other cities of Turkey. 

Use a real estate agent

The purchase or sale of a home is a significant financial (and emotional) commitment. Learn below why professional real estate is a key to your home hunting.

1. Market knowledge and Easy access to ideal properties: 

An experienced agent also will be familiar with market trends over a long period.

The primary duty of a real estate agent is to serve as a mediator between buyers and sellers.

This indicates that all other properties offered by other agents will be simple for him or her to access.

The buyer’s and seller’s representatives are both full-time real estate professionals, who are aware of the steps required to close a sale. For instance, if you’re trying to buy a house.

A real estate agent will find properties that fit your criteria, contact the sellers, and schedule viewing times for you. 

2. Negotiating, Getting the Best Price, and Saving Your Money: 

A realtor knows his field of business and knows how to negotiate on behalf of you.

No matter how smart you are, you cannot know what was the market trend or value couple of months ago and now.

How the owners were thinking to sell the property just before you arrive in the city and how is the current market? Realtor has knowledge of the history and the forecast of the future of the specific property.

According to that, Realtor helps you to make an offer. In the end, only the price can decide how much rental returns you are going to earn and what will be the ROI.

We as Option One real estate have vast experience to get literarily the best deals for our customers. And for that, we are even ready to share our references. So you can know their amazing experiences which led them to get the best deals. 

3. Paper Works: 

A realtor with his team of lawyers and after-sales can make sure that the buyer is getting the best deal. That is also a legal right.

Some Investors might think to pass a realtor to just save pennies. But paper works are the most important part of buying and selling process likewise.

A real estate agent can correct issues with the purchase agreement. Making sure inspections and repairs are completed in a timely manner. And keep both parties on schedule to make the closing.

Get in touch today

Our team is ready to greet you at the airport in Istanbul and arrange the accommodation for you so we can show you all the best properties available with Real Estate Tours in Istanbul.

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