5 Stars World Class Concept Within Forest In Center Of Asia, Istanbul

The LEO project in located in asian part of Istanbul called Acibadem in Kadikoy. provides you with a privileged life and a lush green future for your children.

Istanbul kadikoy
June 2024
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Property Purchasing Process in Turkey

The property purchasing process in Turkey and what you should be aware of. Follow the steps in this article

Why do foreigners choose to live in Turkey?

Why do foreigners choose to live in Turkey?

Why do foreigners choose to live in Turkey? A look from the Geo-Political aspect, buy properties and decide to settle in Turkey.

Boutique Sea View Apartments For Sales In Peaceful Location

Sea view apartments for sale in Buyukcekmece, the community which is rising in demand and quality of life is becoming higher in standards day by day.

Istanbul Buyukcekmece
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Cash - Installmets Available
why Istanbul attracting foreign buyers

Why is Istanbul attracting foreign buyers?

Following are a few reasons why foreigners are attracted to İstanbul : Turkey is one of the countries that is …


Best And Affordable Villas For Buying In Istanbul

Districts that are mentioned below are not only having affordable villas, but actually the best villas in Istanbul, so basically …


Where To Invest? In the European Or Asian Part Of Istanbul?

This is one of the frequently asked questions from the buyers that where to invest, Is it in the Europe part of Istanbul or the Asian part of Istanbul.

Historic Masjids of Istanbul

Most Historic Masjids of Istanbul

Masjids and Ottoman architecture are Istanbul’s most renowned features. the capital of the Ottoman Empire has more than 3000 mosques.

The Bosphorus – Istanbul

As a natural strait that joins the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus is a tremendously important …

Buy a villa in Beykoz Istanbul

Buy Villa In Beykoz Istanbul, villas here are still affordable, but in the very short, no villa will be worth less than a million USD in Beykoz


Land Investment in Istanbul

Land investment in Istanbul is arguably the easiest way to bring you a fortune; if you have the right investment decision at the right time


Ataturk Airport To National Park

Ataturk Airport To National Park And Its On Surrounding Real Estate. Impact on Real Estate Market

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