Owning a piece of the future.

The benefits of land investment are beyond financial returns, making it a compelling option for investors looking for a stable, tangible asset with the potential for long-term growth.

Land investment is purchasing a piece of land to hold onto to generate income or appreciation. It has been a popular investment option for centuries.

The land is a finite resource, and its value tends to appreciate over time. So, land investment is an attractive option for investors looking for a long-term and low-risk investments.

Also, land is a tangible asset with inherent value and tends to retain its value over time. Therefore, unlike paper assets like stocks and bonds, land does not lose value due to inflation.

Why are more people investing in the land today?

Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey
Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey
  1. There is a continuous growth in the demand for residential property in Turkey. Lands for different types of Investment are needed to meet the requirement for producing real estate units. These plots have building permission and all urban necessities.
  2. An investor can profit from high capital returns and considerable revenue due to increased property and land prices.

This is why more people are investing in the land today; it’s a critical asset that can be sold or shared for future development gains. The best part is that the demand for land is ever-increasing, which is certainly a positive point for those interested in investing in plots.
Moreover, purchasing plots is much easier when compared to buying residential property and has many advantages:

Advantages and Benefits of Land Investment

  1. It’s the most beneficial asset because of the constant increase in demand and limited supply, which ensures profits are boosted.
  2. Investing in land is very simple and transparent, and it is not as complicated as investing in other types of assets.
  3. If your land is in the right location, leasing your land for allotments, tenant farms, or parking lots can bring you good income.
  4. Plots have better resale value than residential properties. Most people interested in individual houses prefer to purchase land and construct their homes depending on their unique tastes, preferences, and needs.
  5. Land cost is comparatively lower than residential properties and affordable.
  6. Property tax from plots is lower compared to residential properties; not only that, but you also have no maintenance in this case.

Since plots are available in all sizes and locations, you can choose a property you like and construct a home or invest in it after a few years when its value becomes higher.

Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey

The Turkish real estate market is full of promising and distinguished opportunities, and investing in land can provide numerous benefits for individuals and businesses.

Turkey Residence Permit or Citizenship by Land Investment

It is not only a profitable investment. Turkey offers two options for foreign investors seeking residency or citizenship through a land investment: a residence permit or citizenship by investment program.

Residence Permit: Foreign investors can obtain a Turkish residence permit by investing in a property in Turkey. The minimum investment amount varies depending on the property’s location.
With a residence permit, investors can stay in Turkey for up to one year and renew the permit each year as long as they meet the investment requirements.

Citizenship by Investment: Foreign investors can also obtain Turkish citizenship by making a more significant investment in real estate. The minimum amount for citizenship is $400,000.
In addition, with citizenship, investors can live and work in Turkey without restrictions and travel to several countries without a visa.

Both options benefit foreign investors seeking residency or citizenship in Turkey through land investment. However, investors should consider their long-term goals and investment strategies before deciding which option is best.

Land Investment is Cheap Compared to Other Countries

Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey
Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey

Turkey is known for having relatively affordable land prices compared to many other countries, making it an attractive option for foreign investors looking to invest in real estate. There are several reasons why land investment in Turkey is relatively cheap:

  • An ample supply of available land: despite the high demand, Turkey has an extensive collection of public land for investment, which helps to keep prices relatively low.
  • Favorable exchange rates: The Turkish Lira has historically been weaker than many other major currencies, making land prices more affordable for foreign investors.
  • Growing economy: Turkey’s economy has increased recently, but land prices have risen more slowly than in other countries. This can make it a good time for investors to enter the market before prices increase.
  • Government incentives: The Turkish government has introduced various incentives to encourage foreign investment in real estate, such as offering residency or citizenship in exchange for a land investment. These incentives can make investing in Turkish real estate even more attractive for foreign investors.

Working with a reputable real estate agent or investment advisor can help investors make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Excellent Returns Increase Over Time in Turkey

Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey
Benefits of Land Investment in Turkey

Land investment in Turkey has the potential to provide excellent returns over time. While there are no guarantees in investing, there are several reasons why land investments in Turkey can appreciate:

  • Population: Turkey’s population has been growing steadily, creating a demand for more housing and commercial development. As demand increases, land prices can also increase.
  • Strategic location: Turkey is strategically located between Europe and Asia, making it an important hub for trade and commerce. This can attract foreign investors and businesses to invest in the country, driving up demand for real estate.
  • Tourism industry: Turkey’s tourism industry has grown recently, attracting millions of visitors yearly. This can create a demand for vacation properties, hotels, and other tourism-related development.

Over time, these factors can increase land prices, potentially providing excellent returns for investors.

Benefits of Land Investment in Conclusion

Land investment can provide several benefits and advantages to investors, including appreciation, diversification, stability, inflation protection, passive income, and legacy building. However, it is essential to understand the risks involved and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

An investment in land can be a sound financial decision, but it requires careful consideration and a long-term perspective. In Option One Property, we always help our clients to get the best benefits of land investment.

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