Levent, one of the most central locations in the city, is the intersection point of Istanbul's most prestigious shopping malls

The project is a governmental project belonging to Emlak Konut, located in Levent on a land area of 103,000 m2. It consists of 16 blocks, 950 units, and 48 commercial zones. 

 Residence zone: 

(1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1), all the flats has balconies. A special tunnel for the project directly connected to the highway line (Tem) The title dead is ready and  suitable for Turkish citizenship There is an installment   plan with a 60% down payment  up to 18 months The project does not require an evaluation report.  For those clients looking for citizenship, they can directly apply for a certificate of conformity (Uygunluk Belgesi).

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