Districts that are mentioned below are not only having affordable villas for buying in Istanbul, but actually the best villas in Istanbul, so basically it has a variety of options from the most ultra expensive to affordable yet luxurious. These districts are known for the villa complexes which are ideal if you are willing to invest in villas where local amenities including top-quality restaurants, daily shops, supermarkets, international schools, and everything you desire can all be located within a short drive. So following are the areas that you may hunt when looking for a villa.

Villas For Buying In Istanbul

1. BEYKOZ : 

We have discussed Beykoz in another blog in detail when a buyer looks for an ideal villa, so The best options are either sea view, lake view villas, or forest views around green villas, Beykoz is the district that is filled with dense forest and also has beautiful views of the black sea, Beykoz is actually considered to be the best area arguably to have the villa in, also due to its location as its just a few mins away from the Bosphorus bridge and just 12 mins away from Maslak, the district easily can be considered as the greenest district near the center, the villas here are still starting from just 600.000 USD and above, but as per the growth in a very short period of time, no villa in Beykoz will be worth less than a million USD. If you are looking for a villa for sale in Beykoz Istanbul, don’t hesitate to write to us.



Zekiriyakoy falls in the district of Sariyer, and Sariyer is considered one of the centers of Istanbul. Due to the luxury housing constructions, this little town is now one of Istanbul’s wealthiest neighborhoods, and the reason why the rich choose to live here is that the financial centers such as Maslak and Levent are a few minutes away and therefore became the hometown of the business elite. Villas’ sale price in Zekeriyakoy starts from 750.000 USD and above. you can learn more about Maslak district in Istanbul 


The best part of this district is the West Istanbul marina which can be considered as newest marina of İstanbul, and super expensive multi-million dollars yacht parking in this marina is making it look more lavish and luxurious which definitely also has uplifted the standard of this area, there were months in the year 2019, 2020 and 2021 where Beylikduzu became the most demanded area for foreigners due to the district is completely filled with family concepts so, therefore, family area, and where the prices were still cheaper comparing to the center areas of Istanbul, moreover it has to offer beautiful sea views, international schools, Metro Bus station access and everything around, Villas sale in Beyliduzu are still cheaper where the prices might start from 550.000 USD and above, not only Beyliduzu has villa but also it is famous for apartments, demand is mix in this district.

If you are interested to know more about Beylikduzu, read this article: Beylikduzu District in Istanbul.


It will not be wrong to say that ‘Villa were made to be in Buyukcekmece’, with its beautiful lake and sea views and the perfect high elevation of the land from the sea, each villa here is able to look towards the sea as you are watching the sea view from high floor apartment, it is amazing as it is above that the district is really peaceful, where hardly you may find the high rise towers or congested population. The area which is in high demand for villa sale is Mimoraba, Kamiloba, Kumburgaz, and Alkent 2000 and this is the right time to buy as the prices of the villa in Buyukcekmece are still cheaper than what they are supposed to be, the development is kicking in with new projects like Kiyi marine ( the new marina), so here the prices will start to rise, prices here are starting from 500.000 Usd.

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