Obtaining Turkish citizenship has piqued the curiosity of many people worldwide, particularly investors and residents from Arab nations who desire better travel options, new transit benefits, and an increase in profits and investment returns. So it is important to know what Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship.

This is what Turkish citizenship provides to all who seek to obtain it and enjoy the benefits of being a Turkish citizen and possessing a Turkish passport. As a result, there are some things to avoid before applying for Turkish citizenship to prevent losing the possibility of becoming a Turkish citizen. 

Is obtaining Turkish citizenship difficult?

Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship
Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship

Many people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship wonder if it is complicated, which is why they turn to real estate companies. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about getting Turkish citizenship is real estate investment in Turkey.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is not difficult; it takes a few procedural steps, follow-up with the required lawyers, and finding a reputable real estate company that thoroughly explains everything you require.

So, the most crucial stage for a person seeking Turkish citizenship is to have the amount necessary to begin owning and investing in real estate. Everything else is just a routine operation that the appropriate real estate business follows up with you to complete the required steps.

Many investors did not hesitate to begin this adventure, which has no difficulty or risk. Because the procedure of gaining Turkish citizenship centers around real estate ownership with a value of more than 400 thousand, the investor will not have to engage in risky enterprises or incur major losses. US money or invest securely with a capital of at least 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank for three years. In real estate, it’s all about the money.

There are other, less complicated ways to gain Turkish citizenship unrelated to real estate investment, such as marriage to a Turkish person and the continuity and stability of the marriage for three years.

Or by proving Turkish assets by verifying the validity of the Turkish lineage through Ottoman documents and certified evidence and follow-up with specialized lawyers.

Is the Turkish passport strong?

Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship
Turkish passport, Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship

Talking about the Turkish passport means talking about Turkish citizenship, which has a strong global reputation. According to the GUIDE index, the Turkish passport is 53rd in the world. It also makes it easier to obtain a Schengen visa to travel to Europe thanks to Turkey’s numerous trade accords with European Union members. 

After regaining its power, the Turkish passport permits travel to more than 72 countries without the requirement for a visa and more than 45 countries for which a visa can be obtained at the airport. In addition to 7 nations, you can get a visa through the Internet. Also, the Turkish passport allows for the acquisition of additional nations. For example, an American investor visa is granted (E2).

This visa is awarded for two years to investors traveling to the US from Turkey and allows them to get an American Green Card. Furthermore, the Turkish passport entitles you to all electoral voting rights, free education in schools and colleges, access to contractual programs, Turkish social security, and free healthcare in public hospitals. 

Furthermore, having a Turkish passport allows one to take advantage of Turkish inheritance law and live in any country free of war and bloodshed. Turkish passports are colors and levels, and each color carries different characteristics: the red passport for ordinary citizens, the green Turkish passport for high-ranking officials, the gray Turkish passport for diplomats, and the black Turkish passport, which is the highest value and is granted to high-ranking officials in the country. 

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship?

First, a copy of the title deed to the bought property or the contract of future sale with the notary public is needed to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Then comes the real estate assessment report, which has a three-month validity term and is normally retrieved within two or three working days. Original receipts evidencing payment of the property price from the buyer’s account with the sending bank’s seal, as well as receipts for the actual property price from the seller’s account with the receiving bank’s seal.

The presence of two copies of the special power of attorney from the real estate buyer to the legal team at the citizenship application, organized through the notary public in Turkey. If available, a translated and verified copy of the marriage contract.

Also included is a translation of the family book or family declaration document. Original passports must also be translated into Turkish and notarized in Turkey. Finally, each family member should submit a translated and validated birth certificate (husband, wife, and children under 18 years old). Typically, the real estate firm in Turkey, through its team of trained attorneys, follows up on all of these files for the customer, so finding the correct and honest real estate agent is critical.

Here is a set of things to avoid before applying for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship
Things to Avoid Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship

1- Avoid that one of the official papers is not ready.

2- Be aware that the papers are not approved or authorized by the Republic of Turkey.

3- Not to sell or transfer ownership of this property before the lapse of three years of owning or investing it.

4- Do not attempt to defraud or provide false papers.

5- Choose the right real estate agent or trusted lawyer.

6- Do not think about reselling the property after three years have passed to its first owner because you will lose Turkish citizenship even if you did not take it.

7- Avoid real estate whose value does not meet the amount required to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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