Many investors who invest in citizenship also want to make a profit from it and they want to make a smart move in choosing the property so that they do not lose money after three years because the citizenship rule states that the property cannot be sold for 3 years. In these 3 years, the rental income of the property should be handsome, and the return after 3 years should also increase by at least 30%

make money with real estate investment in Turkey
The Rental Income of a Property

So if you want to invest wisely, below are some good ways to do so:

  1. split your investment: This means that you can buy multiple units. This is suitable for those who do not want to live in Turkey and invest only in their passport.

If you are looking for both rental and investment returns after 3 years, you can buy several small units (studio or 1+1), at least 1 in a tower in front of a metro bus station, this will give you good returns as it is in front of a metro bus station and is constantly in demand by the working class, it can give you returns up to 6%. If you rent to tourists who are looking for an alternative to hotels through Airbnb or other channels, the yield can go up to 10% or even more, but in this case, there should be someone to manage the flat, and some risk is required. Also, the flat is located in a tower in a new project, so the demand for the project itself will increase, which will give you a very good return.

  1. real estate with sea view: The demand for a sea view property is always there compared to other areas, so for families looking for a place to live ideally in a large 2+1 or 3+1 flat, the sea view option will most likely result in a higher return on investment.
  2. get advice from a professional real estate consultant who is constantly in the market and knows what is going on! This part is really important because there are areas and secrets, especially in the real estate sector, the reality of which only the real estate agent knows.
make money with real estate investment in Turkey

How to make money with real estate investment in Turkey?

Secrets that you should know because you have the chance to get a return of 100% after 3 years:

So many investors might find these options already expensive, and their citizenship budget might not be suitable for all options to take what to do.

The answer is that the investor can look for an area that has a sea view but is still under development, he

may not like the environment at the beginning, with old houses, but he should know that this investment will double and soon these houses will be converted into new projects because Istanbul is expanding!

make money with real estate investment in Turkey
Real Estate Investment

And if we talk about real estate near public transportation like the metro or metro bus, then the buyer should look for a project on the main street where public transportation is not yet in operation and therefore planned by the government.

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