Basaksehir District (Başakşehir) has become the focus of real estate developers in Istanbul and has grown recently.

The neighborhood, which stands out for its planned construction process and new housing stock, has a lot of promise. Due to its closeness to significant developments.


Basaksehir District
Basaksehir District

The district continues to expand with initiatives like the city hospital, organized industrial zone, city square, and parks. At the same time, it is providing a transit advantage through investments in the metro and roads. Başakşehir which comprises Bahçeşehir, Ispartakule, Kayaşehir, and Bahçekent. It is on its way to becoming a new metropolitan hub. With its transportation, infrastructure, and branded housing projects 


Basaksehir district is known for its rich religious population demand. The apartments for sale in Basaksehir are demanded by rich Arab society. It has gained a lot of demand also in high-class Turkish religious people.

Basaksehir was the beginning of the new city of Istanbul. And having direct metro access to the new Airport is emerging as the new center of Istanbul. Basaksehir is very attractive for investments because of the affordable apartments available in Basaksehir and the large apartments for sale in Basaksehir. Basaksehir has 98 masjids which have a capacity of 9000 worshippers.


Basaksehir District
Green in Basaksehir

Basaksehir offers a lot of public parks, an Artificial lake, Natural forests, and a Botanical garden with an area of 368.000 sqm. Besides having a lot of green space and excellent landscaping. Basaksehir also boasts many squares where you and your family may go shopping and hang out. The likes of the Mall of Istanbul also exist in Basaksehir. This all green and galleria together makes the demand for property sale in Basaksehir high. 


There are 83 educational establishments in the Basaksehir region. 9 are educational centers, 21 secondary schools, 25 prep schools, 23 elementary schools, and five pre-schools. Ibn Haldun University, or IHU, was established in 2015 and comprised 14 colleges and departments. Except for the Faculty of Law, which offers instruction in both Turkish and English. The Faculty of Islamic Sciences offers Arabic, Turkish, and English instruction. All faculties and departments only provide instruction in English. Due to easy access for children to education, the parents buy an apartment in basaksehir.


Who has not heard the talk about “Medical City,” Turkey’s biggest medical city? The largest healthcare project in Turkish history is Medical City in Basaksehir. The medical city was one of the Turkish government’s most recent large-scale construction projects. And its official inauguration took place in May 2020. The Turkish president attended this significant event.

The project area is enormous. The total is one million twenty-one thousand square meters. 17% of that area is green space, and 14% is cafes and waiting areas. The actual site where the Medical City’s buildings are built is 789 thousand square meters. The Medical City includes eight hospitals and departments divided into ten buildings. The medical departments have been designed to accommodate 2,600 beds.

In Conclusion:

Basaksehir, in the future, can be considered the route between Old Istanbul and New Istanbul. Therefore, it is an opportunity for the investors to grab the deal in this district. Buying property in Basaksehir will be beneficial from every perspective. It is for living purposes, rental returns purposes, or high ROI.

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