High Returns Guaranteed Boulevard Project near the center of Istanbul ,it is an investment opportunity in the city's emerging financial district.

In Istanbul, there is a new and fascinating living and investing environment. Near the center of Istanbul, is located Basin Express. It is centrally located between two major motorways, the TEM and the E5, and is close to both commercial and social areas. An investment opportunity in the city’s emerging financial district, one that will grow in value every day. It’s a lot more than a house. It’s more than simply a house; it’s a lifestyle that combines utilitarian comfort in a modern design and a comfortable way of life in the suburbs. A nearby shopping complex featuring a market, café, restaurant, pharmacy, and hair salon is just a short walk away. Parking, security, and recreational amenities such as a gym, a pool, a vitamin bar, and a children’s playground are all available, the project has a total of 1404 units, 1200 residential from 1+1 to 3+1 and 204 commercial units.

High Returns Guaranteed Boulevard Project

One of the most crucial vital figures is that it is accessible from all parts of Istanbul. The location is one-of-a-kind because:
-5 minutes to E5 and TEM
-Avrasya Tünel is 15 minutes away.
-Atatürk Airport National Park is around 5 minutes away.
-Taksim is 25 minutes away.
-Istanbul Airport is 30 minutes away.
-5 minutes to Istanbul Mall, 212 Mall, and Stars City Mall
-Within a 6-kilometer radius, there are around ten universities and colleges
-Metro is just attached to the project

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