State-guaranteed projects in Bahcesehir, the metro station and Akbati shopping center are both 7 minutes away. The new Istanbul airport is only 25 minutes away.

The Project spans 47000 square meters in total. consisting of apartments for living. 200 stores and 1506 flats altogether Each stage’s overall size is 65% occupied by landscapes. Each stage’s overall size is 65% taken up by landscapes. The apartment available is from 2+1 to 4+1 with varying spaces between 72 and 255 meters square. The project is located 7 kilometers away from both main highways that are E5 and TEM. The metro station and the Akbati mall are both 7 minutes distant. Moreover, the new Istanbul airport is just 25 minutes away. And the best part of the project is that it has not 1 but many playing courts, that is football courts, tennis courts, and others, etc.

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