Turkish Citizenship

property valuation in turkey

Property Valuations in Turkey

In the case of buying or selling a property in Turkey, it is essential to have a reliable and accurate valuation to ensure you are making a fair and informed decision.

rights of property buyers in Istanbul

Rights of Property Buyers in Turkey

The rights of property buyers in Turkey and all laws related to purchasing property in Turkey. Read for more information


Information about Turkish citizenship and the steps to obtain it :

Information about Turkish citizenship and the steps to obtain it. Applicants must purchase a property in Turkey worth at least S400,000.

Panoramic View of the Sea and Islands Kartal

panoramic views of the sea and islands of Kartal, The project is located in Kartal which is in the Asian part of Istanbul. Read more about the features and facilities

Istanbul Kartal
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Luxurious Tower in the Heart of Basin Express

The luxurious tower in the heart of Basin Express houses several headquarters of well-known Turkish companies such as LC Waikiki, and DE FACTO, Read more

Istanbul Basin Express
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Government-Guaranteed Project In Bahcesehir

State-guaranteed projects in Bahcesehir, the metro station and Akbati shopping center are both 7 minutes away. The new Istanbul airport is only 25 minutes away.

Istanbul Bahcesehir
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