The project is very near the central location of Istanbul in the Topkapi District of Fatih. It is purely for investment with high ROI.

The project is located in the European center of Istanbul in the Topkapi region. The region is one of the most important business centers in Turkey due to its strategic location and distinguished return on investment.

The project overlooks us with an area of ​​2,083 square meters and consists of shops and commercial offices with views of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus.

It’s a hotel concept with all the facilities and allows the owner to rent the apartment in AIRBNB, that is daily or weekly rents with complete cooperation from the management, in which the Investor can earn a higher percentage in rental returns than the yearly contract keeping in mind that most of the management in the Project does not allow weekly or monthly rental returns. A single building with shops attached to it providing you with several facilities mentioned below:

Project Details:

  • 68 Home Offices and Airbnb
  • 8 shops with private terraces
  • 9 shops

Project Services:

  • Sport club
  • meeting rooms
  • Garden and indoor seating
  • Wonderful cafeteria and restrooms
  • Private covered car parking
  • Cleaning, Car Wash and Vale
  • Electric car charging places
  • Office stores
  • 24 hours Security

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